SAFETY Products:

Pars Fan Avar Kimia and related companies are supplier for various safety products by international well known manufacturers for below equipment’s:

Breathing Equipment’s

CO2 snuffing system skid

Deluge Skid

Dry Chemical Skids

Escape Chutes

Fire Blanket

Fire Extinguishers

Firefighting equipment cabinet

Fire Monitors

Fireman Outlet

First Aid Kits

Foam Skids

GPR Personnel locator beacon

Helicopter Rescue Kit

Personal Safety Equipment

Personnel Baskets

Portable CO2 extinguisher

Portable dry chemical extinguisher

Safety and Emergency Sign

Respiratory Protective Devices



Pars Fan Avar Kimia Co. and related companies are Supplier for various North American and European manufacturers and suppliers of firefighting products as below:

Fire Safety Valve

Firefighting suits

Firefighting Hoods

Firefighting gloves

Firefighting boots

Firefighting portable pumps

Firefighting floatable pumps

Vehicle Mounted Pumps

Skid and Trailer Mounted Pumps

Dual Purpose Monitor

Dual Purpose Radio Frequency Operated Monitor

LPM Fixed Mounted Radio Frequency Operated Monitor

Turbo Blowers with variable speed

The True Power of Ventilation

Automatic Nozzle

Conventional multi-flow Nozzles

Breathing Apparatus

HP Compressor, HP Mobile Cell and HP Rack

MP Distribution, HP/MP Trolleys and HP/MP Rescue

Ventilated Suits and Hoods

Airtightness Protective Suits

New Generation of Extinguishers

Water Motor, Butterfly Valve and Sprinklers

Fire Detection Control Panel and Conventional Panel