Mission Statement:

It is my pleasure to introduce our Company, Pars Fanavar Kimia Co., with its head office located in Bushehr, Iran to you and your esteemed company. In Pars Fanavar Kimia Co, our Vision is to become a reputable and innovative company which is starving to learn and move in industry front line to provide its customers first class services and protect their interest in our scope of supply. We believe that, we can be successful in our mission only and only when our customers enjoy our services and receive added value in their company for letting us serving them. Our vision is to work closely with our customers to pin point their exact required service and support. Pars Fan Avar Kimia Co, using highly qualified and motivated team of experts tackles its client’s requirements efficiently and cost effectively. We looking forward to work with your honorable company and enjoy pleasure of offering our services. Best Regards, Managing Director